Mission and History

Our History

Reef Renewal Cayman Islands (RRCI) is a non-profit organization that started in 2016, under the direction of Ken Nedimyer. In 2016, Cayman’s Department of Environment (DOE) granted the first permits for coral nurseries to RRCI’s partner dive operator and with funding from the Sea of Change Foundation, the project was able to launch.

RRCI started with ten coral trees, working with all three of the Caribbean Acropora corals: elkhorn, staghorn, and fused staghorn. Since then they have slowly expanded their work to over 20 trees and successfully outplanted hundreds of new coral colonies back to Cayman’s local reefs.

Our Mission

Reef Renewal Cayman Islands protects and restores coral reefs in Cayman Islands by:

  • developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs that are supported by research collaborations and shared worldwide
  • training, engaging and inspiring the community locally and internationally through volunteering, educational events, and outreach
  • demonstrating that through community efforts there is still hope for coral reefs

Our Vision

The vision of Reef Renewal Cayman Islands is a world:

  • Where knowledge and experience can be shared
  • Where reefs are protected and restored
  • Where reef degradation is halted
  • Where ocean awareness is promoted

Our Core Values

  • Be committed and determined
  • Be accountable
  • Be transparent
  • Be positive and motivational
  • Have integrity
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Embrace and drive change