PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty

The PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty Course includes 3 training dives and classroom sessions to learn all the techniques involved in the reef restoration process. You will participate in all the activities that need to be carried out on the nurseries and on the restoration sites.

Dive 1: Nursery and restoration site maintenance by conducting a survey, cleaning, removing algae and predators, which can damage the corals and affect their growth.

Dive 2: Learn how to prune, tie and tag the coral fragments which will be hung on the nursery trees.

Dive 3: Learn how to outplant mature corals onto the reef to ensure their growth in the actual reef system.

The course qualifies divers for our Volunteer Program.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 days.
Price & Booking: Enquire directly with our Dive Shop Members about pricing and reservations.

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